• Present and Recent Focus
  • Skills and Strengths
  • Executive, Publishing and Editorial Experience
  • Laboratory Research Expertise
  • Professional Employment Experience
  • Academic Qualifications and Citizenships
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Non-Professional and Leisure Interests and Qualifications
  • Publications - Health Related
  • Abstracts Presented At Scientific Conferences

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Present and Recent Focus
Editor PH Online, Monthly Online Complementary Health Magazine.1994 – present. Dr Goodman was recently featured as Doctor of the Fortnight in ThinkWellness360.

Skills and Strengths
Powerful and effective communicator on the telephone, in person and to audiences
Excellent writing skills: Rare ability to translate scientific terms and published information into highly readable text
Combines scientific knowledge, research and computer skills with empathy and compassion for the individual
Seeks long-range solutions which may bring together the best techniques of polarized factions, i.e. in medicine

Executive, Publishing and Editorial Experience
Company and Publishing Director, Commissioning and Production Editor and Publisher, Advertising Sales, Subscription Marketing, Editorial Liaison with Authors/Copy-Editing/Proof-Reading, Sourcing of Images, Database Design, Construction and Management, Layout/Design, Professional Typesetting Hardware and Software, Paste-Up, Camera Work, including Line Artwork, Halftones and Film, Software Training, Instruction/Supervision of Employees and Freelance Homeworkers.

Laboratory Research Expertise

Microbiology, biochemistry  and genetic engineering research in the field of biological nitrogen fixation, involving the purification and analysis of nucleic acids, measurement and analysis of RNA transcription and abundance, cloning of plant and bacterial genes, maintenance and selection of bacterial strains.
Safety, supervision of trainees in safe handling of radioactive substances.

Professional Employment Experience (Past 25 Years)
2008 – present.: Director, Compass Internet Ltd, Editor PH Online, Monthly Online Complementary Health Magazine.
1994- 2008: Editor and Director, Positive Health magazine; Research Consultant, Author and Lecturer
1993: Design, Construction and Classification - Nutrition Cancer Database, Bristol Cancer Help Centre
1989-Jan 1993: Production Manager, Bookman Ltd., Consultant and Writer
1988-1989: Assistant Director Research, Bastyr College, Seattle, WA.
1986-88: Scientific Writer/Consultant. Lecturer, Univ. of Sussex (Fall, 1987).
1984-85: Visiting Asst Professor, University of Tennessee / Allied Corp liaison scientist.
1982-85: Research Microbiologist, then Senior Molecular Biologist, Allied Corporation.
1977-81: Doctoral Student, Molecular Biology,  McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Identification, quantification, characterisation, purification and isolation of soybean nodule-specific gene sequences.
Academic Qualifications and Citizenships
Postdoctoral, Molecular Biology, 1981, McGill University, Canada
PhD Molecular Biology, 1981, McGill University, Canada
BSc Biological Sciences, 1977, Concordia Univ. Canada
Citizenships: British, Canadian, US (Permanent Resident)
Languages: English, French, Hebrew
Professional Affiliations
Scientific Expert Committee Member, Alliance for Natural Health
Therapy Advisory Panel Penny Brohn Cancer Care
Member, Scientific and Medical Network; Member, British Holistic Medical Association
Patron, the Avalon Complementary Medicine Trust
Formerly Lay Member Aromatherapy Consortium

Non-Professional and Leisure Interests and Qualifications
Qualified Therapeutic Massage Practitioner (ITEC, MTI, 1994)
University of Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Grade Two Theory Examination (First Class Honours) 1966;
University of Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music Grade Eight Piano Examination (Honours) 1967;
Canadian Red Cross Swimming Instructor (1966) and Royal Life Saving Society Bronze and Silver Medallion (1967)
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Counselling, Nutritional Counselling, Stress Management
Leisure Interests: Football, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Writing, Walking, Yoga

Publications – Health Related

Publications and Cancer Database

Positive Health PH Online, Health Magazine for Health Professionals. 1994 – Present

Health: State-of-the-Art, Quarterly Research Newsletter for Health Professionals Jan 1994 – March 1995.
Compiler Nutrition and Cancer Database (>3000 records) for Bristol Cancer Help Centre – 1993.

Books and Book Chapters

Nutrition and Cancer: State-of-the-Art. Green Library. 1995; Positive Health Publications Ltd. 1998; Health Research 2003.
The Role of Nutrition in Integrated Cancer Care. Editor Dr Jennifer Barraclough Oxford University Press. 2001.
Nutrition – Pivotal in Prevention and Treatment of Disease. In: Mind-Body Medicine: A Clinician’s Guide to Psychoneuroimmunology Churchill Livingstone. In Press 1997.
Cancer and Nutrition: The Positive Scientific Evidence. Bristol Cancer Help Centre. 1994
Vitamin C – The Master Nutrient. Keats. 1991.
Organic Germanium – The Health and Life Enhancer. 1988. Thorsons.

Journal Articles

Bristol Cancer Help Centre Nutrition and Cancer Database. Guest Editorial. J Nutr Med. 4(2). 1994.
Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidelines for People with Cancer. J Nutr Med 4(2): 199-214. 1994).
Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment and Prevention. JACM. Series. Dec 1993 – Oct 1994.
Cancer: Nutrition as a Cure. WDDTY. Oct 1993.
Ageless Ageing: How to Live to a Healthy 110. Optimum Nutrition July 1993.
Therapeutic Effects of Organic Germanium – 1988 – 26: 207-15.  Medical Hypotheses.
Insight into the Working of Organic Germanium. 1987. Orthomoleculaire.
Germanium – Potent Natural Healer. 1987.  Int. Inst. Of Symbiotic Studies.
Organic Germanium – Powerful Healer. 1987. J Complementary Medicine, Vol. 4, 34-52.
Organic Germanium – Between Physics and Biology. 1987. JACM, 21-22.
Double-Blind Study: Comparison of Immune Responses to Kamut and Hard Red Winter Wheat in Self-Reported Wheat Sensitive Individuals. 1989. Manuscript.

Articles in Positive Health

The Evidence for Probiotics – Positive Health. Issue 9. Dec. 1995.
Intestinal Permeability – Leaky Gut Syndrome – Positive Health. Issue 8. Oct. 1995.
Cancer Prevention, Detection and Treatment – The Way Forward. Positive Health. Issue 7. Aug. 1995.
Endometriosis – An Urgent Priority. Positive Health. Issue 4. Oct. 1994.
Age-Related Illnesses – How to Prevent and/or Reverse Degeneration. Positive Health. Issue 3. Oct. 1994.
Arthritis isn't Sexy - Positive Health. August 1994. (under the name of Kate Samuels)

Articles in Other Magazines

L-Carnitine – The Heart Protecting, Fat Burning Nutrient. Better Nutrition. June 1989.
ELISA/ACT – Superior Food Allergy Testing for Optimal Health. Better Nutrition. 1989.
Coming Together of the Healing Professions. 1987. Healing Review. Vol. 31, 12-13.
Organic Germanium – From Transistor to Healer. 1987.  Here & Now.
Organic Germanium – Immuno-enhancer, Detoxifier & Energy Balancer. 1987.  Int. Inst. Sym Studies (IISS).
Selenium – Essential & Empowering Trace Mineral. 1987.  IISS.
GTF Chromium – Vital Trace Mineral Vitamin/Hormone. 1987. IISS.
AIDS – A Challenge to the Medical and Holistic Communities. 1987. Here & Now.
Scientific Publications – Molecular Biology – Under Name of S.G. Auger
Auger SG. 1985. The host's role in symbiotic nitrogen fixation. In: Trends in Plant Research (Prof. Y.S. Murty Commemorative Vo. pp 286-301. Govit, C.M. & Kumar V., eds) Bishen Singh. M. Pal Singh.
Verma DPS, Bewley D, Auger S, Fuller F, Purohit S & Kunster T. 1982. Host genes involved in symbiosis with Rhizobium. 1982 Beltsville Symp Agric. Research: Genetic Engineering: Applications to Agriculture.
Auger S. 1981. Expression of host genes in soybean root nodules. Ph.D. Thesis, McGill University.
Verma DPS, Legocki RP & Auger S. 1981. Expression of nodule-specific host genes in soybean. In: Current Perspectives in Nitrogen Fixation (Gibson AA & Newton W., eds.). Aust. Acad. of Science, pp 205-208.
Auger S. & Verma DPS. 1981. Induction and expression of nodule-specific host genes in effective and ineffective root nodules of soybean. Biochemistry 20:1300-1306.
Auger S, Baulcombe D & Verma DPS. 1979. Sequence complexities of Poly (A)- containing mRNA in uninfected soybean root and the nodule tissue developed due to the infection by Rhizobium. Biochim. Biophy. Acta 563: 496-507.
Abstracts Presented At Scientific Conferences – Under Name of S.G. Auger
First International Plant Molecular Biology Symposium. Oct. 1985. Savannah, Georgia. Auger S, Deshmane N, Hodgson A, Leavitt M, Nieukoop T, Pastian R, Schell M, Sirotkin K & Stacey G. Isolation and molecular analysis of a nodulation locus from Rhizobium japonicum.
Sixth International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation. Aug. 1985. Corvallis, Oregon. Auger S, Schell M, Hodgson A, Leavitt M, Deshmane N & Stacey G. Molecular characterization of the nodulation region from Rhizobium japonicum.
North American Rhizobium Conference. June 1983. Ithaca, New York. Voelkel JG, Auger SG & Zablotowicz RM. A statistician`s evaluation of nitrate/Rhizobium interactions in soybean plants.
North American Rhizobium Conference, June 1983. Ithaca, New York. Auger SG & Russell PF. Comparative organization of nif and nod genes in diverse strains of Rhizobium japonicum.
Canadian Society for Cell Biology. Dec. 1981. Toronto, Ontario. Auger S & Verma DPS. Indoleacetic acid and expression of host genes during root nodule development.
Canadian Federation of Biological Societies. June 1981. Montreal, Quebec.  Auger S, Goodchild B & Verma DPS. Expression of cloned host cDNA sequences and their expression during soybean root nodule development.
American/Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists. June 1981. Ste. Foy, Quebec. Auger S, Goodchild B, & Verma DPS. Molecular cloning of host cDNA sequences and their expression during soybean root nodule development.
Gordon Research Conference. 1981. Andover, New Hampshire. Auger S.  Developmental regulation of host genes induced during root nodule formation.
EMBO Symposium. Oct. 1980. Heidelberg, West Germany. Auger S. & Verma DPS.   Expression of nodule-specific and moderately abundant host genes in effective and ineffective root nodules of soybean.
International Congress on Cell Biology. Sept. 1980. Berlin, West Germany.  Verma DPS, Auger S, Brisson N, Goodchild B, Legocki R & Haugland R. Expression of Leghaemoglobin and other nodule-specific plant genes in effective and ineffective root nodules of soybean.
International and Canadian Plant Productivity Conference. July 1980. Calgary, Alberta. Auger S & Verma DPS. Induction and expression of nodule-specific host sequences in effective and ineffective root nodules of soybean.
NATO/EMBO Meeting. July 1979. Edinburgh, Scotland. Legocki R, Auger S & Verma DPS. Nodule-specific host proteins nodulins in soybean.
Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists. Dec. 1978. Montreal, Quebec.  Auger S & Verma DPS. Comparison of mRNA complexities in uninfected root and mature nodules from soybean.
American Society for Cell Biology. Nov. 1978. San Antonio, Texas. Auger S,   Baulcombe D & Verma DPS. Complexity of Poly (A)-containing polysomal RNA in root nodules and in uninfected root tissue of soybean.

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