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How to End the Autism Epidemic

JB Handley’s son Jamison was diagnosed with autism in 2004; he co-founded Generation Rescue, a non-profit organization focused upon helping children recover from autism and has...

editorial 251

Positive Health PH Online Issue 251 is published on the cusp of the UK Brexit vote, also the 2019 New Year – momentous yet uncertain times.

editorial 250

Publishing Issue 250 is veritably a landmark milestone – 25 years and 250 issues of Positive Health PH Online. However, the recent past has not been a particularly joyous period:...

editorial 249

In the Editorial for Issue 248 I reported on the shocking, premature death (age 46) of my partner’s youngest daughter Kate on 16 June, within two weeks of diagnosis, admission to...

editorial 248

When Positive Health PH Online Issue 247 was published on 14 June, I got involved with all the usual editorial activities to commence production with Issue 248 published 2...

editorial 247

It may seem hard to believe; however, I struggle with my Editorial at each and every issue of Positive Health PH Online; PH Online Issue 247 is no exception.

editorial 246

Positive Health PH Online Issue 246, made up of an apparently eclectic mix of editorial features demonstrates, on further reflection, how unified is Body / Mind / Spirit. 7...

Jacqueline's Diary - When Cancer Came to Visit

This is one of the most harrowing accounts by a cancer sufferer I have ever read; I have a collection of cancer books possibly numbered in the hundreds. From what Jacqueline went...

On Smaller Dogs and Larger Life Questions

Every story about the terrifying ordeal of unexpectedly facing a severe cancer diagnosis is dramatic and terrifying, particularly for empathetic and afflicted readers. On Smaller...

editorial 245

The exquisitely crafted documentary about Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials Trilogy Imagine: Philip Pullman: Angels and Daemons aired on BBC1 on Monday 5 March 2018...

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