Indigenous Herbal Medicines: Tribal Formulations and Traditional Herbal Practices

Drs Acharya and Shrivastava have achieved in this book the multi-faceted objectives of furthering the knowledge and documentation of the vital yet potentially disappearing practices and peoples of traditional herbal medicines, as well as pleading for the establishment of respectful institutional structures which will help to preserve the people, their practices and prevent the destruction of an unquantifiable treasure to humanity.

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I'm Fine! Learning to Unblock Your Emotions

Emotional Well-Being - Healing our Emotions

What seems to happen for many of us is that in at least some areas of our lives, we get stuck on the Ladder on one or other rung. Once stuck - because it was too painful, the time was not right, or for whatever reason - it is difficult to get moving again - so we become 'frozen' to one particular rung of the ladder. But by realising that there is such a Ladder and that we are stuck, we have insight into our problems and are able to start moving again, or at least recognise our need to get started.

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Get Well, Stay Well

This important book focuses upon the many varied components of the immune system – the body's lymphatic structures and nodes – and the vital role played by each element in resisting disease and maintaining robust health. The author is a consultant in physical medicine, who has been practising from his Harley Street London clinic for more than 45 years. This book will make a significant contribution to our knowledge and understanding of how to deal with many acute and chronic health problems.

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Feel-Good Food - A Guide to Intuitive Eating

Cleaning the inner debris

Our digestive system is incredible. Digestion actually begins in the mouth as food reacts with our saliva. Upon swallowing, the system takes the food down through the stomach, duodenum, intestines and colon, ingesting the nutrients it is able to and then finally passing any waste matter out through the anus.

The colon (large intestine) is the last port of call for all unused foodstuffs and byproducts of digestion and it is responsible for eliminating toxic wastes that include millions of dead cells and tissues, as well as absorbing nutrients which the small intestine could not. It is here in the colon that many of our health problems begin.

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Health Defence

This is a hugely informative book, well designed, clearly written, superbly illustrated and authoritatively referenced (28 pages of references, 100 to each page!). Dr Clayton, Ph.D., is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government's Committee on the Safety of Medicines.

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Foods That Fight Pain

I cannot recommend this book highly enough to readers who wish to deepen their knowledge, understanding and practical application of nutrition to health problems, in this instance, pain.

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Essential Aromatherapy CDROM - The Revision Package

This revision package, both in the more high-tech interactive CDROM form, but also as a set of 3 stand-alone A4 manuals, is an oracle of information for both the professional aromatherapist and the general user or researcher with a requirement for detailed information regarding aromatherapy.

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Healing Back Pain Naturally - The Mind-Body Programme Proven to Work

If you are among the 70 + % of adults who have experienced back pain, this book will ring particularly true. Dr Brownstein tells his own riveting personal story of experiencing decades of agonizing back pain, including the graphic account of the surgery he underwent, in which portions of the bone in his spine were cut away, "thrown in the garbage can and muscle was sewn together to cover the hole". Here is a guy who has lived through hell and back and has survived to tell the tale.

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Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs: Your Prescription for Drug-Free Health

Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne have linked up as the ultimate dream author team: Jerome Burne, the investigative medical journalist with expertise about the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Patrick Holford with his extensive expertise regarding Nutritional approaches for many health conditions.

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Endometriosis - A Key to Fertility and Healing Through Nutrition


This splendid reference text, updated from the original 1999 Element title, with significant additional material, is a masterful blend of science, physiology, nutrition, case studies from real women, peppered with inspirational quotations from such diverse sages as Maimonedes and Gurdjieff.

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