Editorial Issue 276 Print

Positive Health PH Online Issue 276, is published live 27 Jan 2022 at yet another pivotal and unfathomable point, both with regard to the coronavirus pandemic – perhaps becoming endemic – as well as possibly a perilous, even terminal juncture in Boris Johnson’s premiership, depending upon what Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street party allegations determines.

On the wider horizon, war between Russia and Ukraine continues to see saw, while increasingly energized polarized debates upon Covid restrictions / protections – including mask wearing, self-isolation and vaccination mandates for health professionals – continue to rage unabated, with the easing of restrictions, decline of clinical severity and deaths from the Omicron variant.

The International Plum Village of Community of Engaged Buddhism announce the death of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh on 22 January 2022, also posted on Facebook by Gina Pickersgill.

The following illuminate a tiny sample of alternative viewpoints about Covid-19:

PH Online Issue 276 as ever is curated to present a well-rounded selection of Editorial Features, Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews and Research Updates embodying in its fullest meaning Integrated Medicine for the 21st Century, nowhere better epitomized than the cover story Can Water Greatly Enhance Quality of Health?

The following editorial features focus on psychospiritual, mind and mental-oriented  approaches to achieving optimal health:

The Ten Commandments

Meditation & Mindfulness Toward Positive Transformation and Fulfilment

This Might Help - A Practical Exercise for Releasing Your Inner Strengths When It’s All Too Much!

This group of articles describe approaches to improve our daily life:

How CBD Can Be a Path to a Healthy Life

Why Alcohol-Free Spirits are the Emperor's New Clothes

How to Cope with Chronic Pain: Tips for Overcoming Injury and Pain

The next section of articles describe Nutritional, Metabolic, Immunological and Dental advice:

Toxic Roulette 2 – Proactive Solutions

Can Water Greatly Enhance Quality of Health?

Five Must-Know Tips before Starting the Keto Diet

Just How Have Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdowns Damaged Our Immune Systems

Seven Signs of Tooth Decay

The following group of articles discuss Practitioner Communication Skills, Dentistry affecting our Immune Health and IDD Therapy for Back Pain:

The Importance of Effective Communication Skills in a Complementary Therapy Practice

Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Is it a Dental Problem?

The Reasons you should have IDD Therapy in your Back Pain Clinic

I am very pleased to present PH Online Issue 276 with its Editorial Features, Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews and Research Updates to all readers of Positive Health for your enjoyment, education and clinical advancement and extend my heartfelt wishes for the best of health to all in the PH Online universe.