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Positive Health PH Online Issue 278 is published live 28 April 2022. All of us continue to witness and view from our distant homes the unending horror, brutality and apocalyptic murder waged in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the world has been plunged into a cataclysmic whirlwind of multiple tragedies, loss of life, displacement of millions of innocent people, along with consequences to the entire world’s economy, political and strategic demography and possibly dire military strikes with weapons of mass destruction. This totally unjust and unnecessary war has affected me profoundly; I have been viewing serious documentaries bringing me up-to-date about the other wars waged in Chechnya and Georgia and Syria by Russia. While I haven’t personally been witness to the sight of tanks rolling up my street in the UK, I am outraged at the extreme injustice of disrupting / ending the lives of millions of people.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still alive and affecting many of us. Here are several authoritative and high quality sites with their take on the latest news:

John Dee’s Almanac – Weekly Deaths Update (part 2)

Alliance for Natural Health International –  Current vaccine state of play and the new kid on the block: Valneva – 21 April 2022

Chis Woollams Health Watch – Self-Help for Long Covid

World Council for Health – Spike Protein Detox Guide


Obesity Image

Silhouettes and waist circumferences – optimal, overweight, and obese

Credit: Wikipedia

The cover story Obesity – A Survey of Factors and Practical Responses, written by Edwin Alan Salter MA MSc PhD is recommended in my view as a highly mature and wide-ranging treatise about the globally urgent and fiendishly complex issues surrounding weight.

“Our fatness is totally obvious and has increased relentlessly over several generations, a global pandemic (WHO, now 13% adults obese, x3 since 1975) as many poorer catch up with and exceed the richest.  It harms and shortens life, the tediously obvious responses diet and exercise…

“The tally of disorders clearly linked to obesity is appalling (and Covid hospitalization risk doubled): correlation does not confirm cause, but treating obesity may eliminate a shared origin.  Obesity links with 80% of cases of diabetes (type two) and is also associated with cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, cancers, breathing problems, organ damage, and dementia.  Overcoming obesity greatly benefits health and likely also prosperity (the two-way correlation, obesity both symptom and cause of poverty), with pleasures of activity and success…”

Anorexia – the “flip-side” to overweight – is yet another horribly desperate condition affecting mind-body-soul, leading to death in extreme instances as graphically and movingly portrayed in the recent Channel 4 Documentary Nikki Grahame Who is She, aired on 7 April 2022. The virtually skeletal scan of Nikki near to her death is intensely shocking.

PH Online Issue 278 presents a multi-faceted array of editorial features which cover subjects encompassing the entirety of Spirit / Mind / Body as well as Editorial Features,  Letters to the Editor, and Research Updates.

The following articles cover  psychospiritual, mind and mental-oriented approaches to achieve full health:

Hope is Faith Personified

Are You Feeling Helpless?

How Expressive Writing Can Improve Your Mental Health

A Balanced Way; Daoist Tips for 21st Century Living – A Balanced Way of Loving

The following group of editorial features focus upon issues related to individual health and societal  attitudes:

COVID-19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale

The Promise of a Better World Part I

How a Mother’s Immunity may cause Developmental and other Disorders in her Children before and after Birth

This next group of articles concern nutritional, herbal and environmental subjects:

Obesity – A Survey of Factors and Practical Responses

Extract from Eat Your Weeds!

The following editorial features embrace treatments, and aspects of bodywork, back pain and physical activity toward a healthier life:

Re-integrate Patterns of Overwhelm, Trauma and Emotional Holding

Pandemic Rehabilitation of Spine Surgery

Which is Better Heat or Ice for a Pinched Nerve?

The Best Careers for a More Physically Active and Healthy Lifestyle

I wholeheartedly recommend PH Online Issue 278 for your education, clinical advancement and enjoyment and most sincerely hope that by the time the next Issue is published the war in Ukraine will have come to a halt and that peace will have begun to unfold for the millions of people affected.