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Positive Health PH Online March Issue 285 is published live 9 March 2023. A myriad of political and topical issues are swirling around, including the Inquiry on the Manchester Arena Bombing, frenzy around the leaked Covid WhatsApp messages and the proposal of the Windsor Framework negotiated Brexit deal.


Meanwhile, the horrendous war in Ukraine grinds on with its gruesome toll in lives and homes, pointing to the hopeless situation and a tyrannical dictator willing to continue at any cost, despite condemnation by the United Nations. I continue to be both riveted and disgusted in watching the history series Simon Schama – History of Britain which not only makes me realize how little I know about the history of these islands, but also how little has changed regarding hatred and wars in the nearly 500 years since the beheading of Charles I in 1649.

Here are a number of authoritative sites with a non-mainstream take on health news:

John Dee’s Almanac – Hold The Front Page! – The ONS Super Dooper Blooper ;

Alliance for Natural Health International –  Cancer through another lens;

Dr Sircus – Stupidity and Cruelty in Medicine;

Dr Joseph Mercola - Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of COVID Deaths?;

Epoch Health – COVID-19 Can Cause Viral-Induced Trauma;

Professor Karol Sikora – Sensible medics, scientists and academics feel unable to speak out on controversial issues due to fear of 'cancellation'.

Positive Health PH Online March Issue 285 publishes a comprehensive collection of authoritative editorial features covering many aspects of clinical and treatment approaches encompassing Mind / Body / Spirit including Editorial Features,  Letters to the EditorResearch Updates and Short Features and Brief Takes.

Michael Levy in the cover story Maybe God Does Play Dice? describes our current world:

“Walk into any regular supermarket and read the ingredients in all the nicely packaged foods they sell. Most will contain toxic substances, whether it is colorants, trans-fats, preservatives etc. So, when a person goes to the doctor and asks where their illness came from the doctors will scratch their heads and say it's a mystery...Hello! Wake up; there is no mystery where illness comes from. It comes from erroneous lifestyles...Wrong foods ...Wrong thoughts...all stemming from the wrong education.

“Governments have tried to control air pollution but existing air quality laws are insufficient to prevent pollution from threatening the environment and human health, a top scientific advisory group determined. The panel, the National Research Council of the National Academies, said it was esapecially uneasy about ozone, an ingredient of smog that has proved difficult to curtail, and fine soot, which has been shown to be especially harmful. We are continuing to poison the air we breathe. Unsound human actions are affecting all the plant and animal life on earth.”

The following editorial features describe mind/body modalities of health treatments:

The Neuron Saga: Medicine's Fresh New Hope

Maybe God Does Play Dice?

Our Prime Enemy is Fear

Learn to Listen, Think + Connect to Others – Planned Thinking Sessions Help People Think

Starting School with a Hidden Illness

The following articles discuss nutritional and environmental aspects of optimal health:

Hidden Treasures in Apples Past Their Prime Part I

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Top Vitamin D Papers for 2022

The following editorial features discuss aspects of bodywork and mind/body treatments:

The Structure of Health

Exploring The Link Between Exercise and Mental Health

How to Optimize Your Health with Mindfulness

Letters to the Editor Issue 285 disclose information about a Novel Gene that Regulates Leukemia Development, International Effort to Advance Cancer Care and Research, Blood Sugar Control During Exercise in People with Type 2 Diabetes, Fertility Treatment and Cardiovascular Health and 'Microbot' Development and Seizures.  Research Updates Issue 285 include Research in the following subjects; acupuncture, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, antioxidants, cancer, immune function, meditation, multiple sclerosis, nutrition, relaxation and women's health.




I wholeheartedly recommend PH Online March Issue 285 for your deep reading appreciation and clinical  education.

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