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Positive Health PH Online January 2024 Issue 291 is published live 7 December. The  shock invasion and murder of 1200 Israelis on 7 October by Hamas and deaths of perhaps 15000 Palestinians in revenge attacks has resulted in an epic humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.


More than 100 hostages have been freed from Gaza as the temporary ceasefire continued for the seventh day. However Fighting has resumed in Gaza after the seven-day temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas expired. The war in Ukraine continues with no clear ending scenario in sight. With temperatures falling below freezing and Ukraine cloaked with snow, President Zelensky has said "winter as a whole is a new phase of war".

A genuine good news story was the rescue of 41 Indian workers from a tunnel in Uttarakhand state India after being trapped on 12 November after a portion of it collapsed due to a landslide for 17 days. All are safe and recuperating in hospital. They were freed on Tuesday evening 28 November after a mammoth rescue operation that overcame many obstacles.

Here are a number of authoritative sites with a non-mainstream take on health news:

John Dee’s Almanac – Spectral Analysis Of Certified COVID Death (part 4);

Alliance for Natural Health International –  Cancer Research UK (CRUK) misses an opportunity to change the face of cancer prevention and treatment;

The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine In 2015, a study from Stanford University suggested that the long-term use of certain medications used to treat symptoms associated with acid reflux can increase one’s risk of having a heart attack.

Dr Sircus Exhausted Immune Cells Predictive of Cancer Death

Toby Young: Hydroxychloroquine was dismissed as a Covid treatment early on and its supporters were censored. But now a new peer-reviewed study finds the cheap drug dramatically cuts Covid mortality after all;

Professor Karol Sikora – I'd like to hear a contribution at the inquiry from the young parents raising their children in a block of flats during lockdown. No outdoor space, no social life, no help. Or from anyone who suffered from lockdowns - millions to choose from. Let's hear from the other side.

Positive Health PH Online January 2024 Issue 291  publishes wide-ranging educative   articles covering a variety of clinical and treatment approaches encompassing Mind / Body / Spirit including Editorial Features,  Letters to the EditorResearch Updates and Short Features and Brief Takes

In Thomas Levy’s Letter to the Editor entitled Schizophrenia Is Chronic Encephalitis...and Niacin Cures It, the evidence presented certainly goes counter to mainstream views.

"The following can be definitively asserted:

“Niacin cures acute schizophrenia most of the time. And substantial clinical improvement is the rule even when a complete cure is not realized in acute or long-standing schizophrenia.

“As covered above, schizophrenia, with its close connection to pellagra, is a condition precipitated and worsened by multiple factors. A quality diet and a wide array of vitamin and mineral nutrients are mandatory for an optimal clinical response in all these patients. Several reasons account for the varied (but positive) clinical responses of schizophrenia patients treated with niacin.  Nevertheless, monotherapy with niacinamide has completely resolved schizophrenia.  As an important and non-toxic nutrient vitamin, niacin should NEVER be denied to any patient with any brain disorder, much less schizophrenia. As Dr. Hoffer put it: "Apparently the worst sin in orthodox medicine is to see a recovery for the wrong reason."

Dr Rajgopal Nidamboor relates in his article Biology of Balance:

“That our body functions with a sense of regularity, or dynamic balance. In other words, it relates to the functional realm of our being, our physiology, or self-regulatory mechanisms, or feedback chains, or systems, that ‘fuel’ basic adjustments in our functional sphere. For example, when the carbon dioxide content of our blood begins to ascend, we breathe in air more deeply. When we, likewise, drink just too much coffee, or tea, we expel ample urine.”

Emma Gilmore in her article A Compassionate Witness – Trauma Resolution, through Hands on Bodywork describes the ubiquitousness of trauma:

“Exposure to traumatic events pushes the nervous system outside of its ability to self-regulate. This dysregulated state of the nervous system manifests in different ways, most commonly explained as a fight, flight response (always on edge) or freeze response (feelings of helplessness, inability to move, or make decisions). These states can be witnessed and palpated in the system. Traumatic events interfere with the brain circuits that involve focusing and being able to stay in emotional control. A constant sense of danger and therefore hypervigilance promotes the continuous secretion of stress hormones, which create symptoms affecting every system in the body.”

The following articles encompass Mind/Body Spiritual/Psychosocial aspects of our health and attitudes:

Biology Of Balance

When I Started Writing, Now I Finish

Hypnosis: Focused Healing

The following features describe clinical and environmental aspects approaches to a variety of conditions:

Homeopathy – Children and Homeopathy

Light It Up: How Your Lighting Could Affect Your Mental Health

Science in Industrial Times


The following articles discuss nutritional and biochemical aspects of our health and wellbeing;

Top 5 Foods to Eat During the Menopause

Personalized Nutrition Getting Easily Accessible and Simplified for Everyone

7 Side Effects When You Stop Taking Creatine


The following editorial features focus upon bodywork and mind/body treatments:

A Compassionate Witness – Trauma Resolution, through Hands on Bodywork

How to Sit with Sciatica – A Comprehensive Guide

The Plantar Grade Foot vs. Morton’s Foot, Rothbarts Foot and the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity


Letters to the Editor Issue 291 include topics: Over Half of Brits may have High Cholesterol. Will Ending ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Testing Add to the Problem?; Aberdeen University Cancels Vitamin C Study in Care Homes; Estimating Gastric Cancer Risk Using DNA Methylation and Lifestyle Data; Schizophrenia Is Chronic Encephalitis...and Niacin Cures It;

Research Updates Issue 291 include Research in the following areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia; cancer; Chinese oriental medicine; exercise; immune function; meditation; stress; yoga.


I wholeheartedly recommend PH Online January 2024 Issue 291 for your enjoyment and clinical education.

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