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Recently I gave a talk about Nutrition and Cancer Research to post graduate Nutrition students at the Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management (CNELM).
Despite my lengthy 3-hour seminar, I could but impart a small flavour of the huge body of published research, books and clinical information amassed to date.

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At 15 years of publishing Positive Health PH, watersheds and milestones are perennial events, eternally in abundance. At this particular juncture, PH Online Sept Issue 162, one year after PH became available exclusively online and a week before I am to present a Cancer and Nutrition lecture to practitioners and graduate students of Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management, I have been reminiscing and ruminating about what progress, if any, has been achieved, particularly regarding Complementary and Natural Approaches to healthcare and Cancer treatment.
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I should be deliriously happy, as a qualified research scientist, that research now appears to occupy media headlines, shouldn't I?

"Vegetarians less likely to develop cancer"
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Many people, myself included, are a patchwork of being both mind (left brain)-oriented (live in their heads), as well as emotionally perceptive, sensitive and prone to mood swings. It is exciting to visualize, plan and imagine projects, whether it be in financial, health or personal arenas, and extrapolate to the end result.
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Just as we are publishing this June 2009 Issue 159 of PH Online, the death of Dr Abram Hoffer at age 92, has been reported. Dr Hoffer was one of the great pioneers of Orthomolecular Medicine, and he lived a long, eventful and productive life.
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