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Nutrition and Cancer - State of the Art

Preface | Preface (3rd edition) | Introduction | Review by Beata Bishop | Review by Kate Neil
Preface by Richard A. Passwater
Preface for the third edition by Pat Pilkington MBE
Introduction for the third edition
Book Review by Beata Bishop
Book Review by Kate Neil

Nutrition and Cancer : Introduction for the third edition


Considerable time has passed since the original publication of this title (1995) and its second printing (1998). During the early 1990s there was an urgent need to provide professional researchers, medical professionals and cancer patients with reputable published research regarding the many proven facts and demonstrable associations in the giant field of Nutrition and Cancer.
In fact, when I compiled the original database for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 1993/94, there were over 5000 database entries from Medline just covering the preceding seven years! Since that time, now almost a decade later, and with the advent of many wonderful books, journals and publications, including my own Positive Health magazine and the internet, the bookshelves and internet sites are overflowing with published research about the numerous tangible effects of Diet and Nutrition, including Antioxidant Vitamins and Minerals, Fatty Acids, specific Dietary regimens, Molecular Action of Nutrients upon the progress of Cancer.

This, the Third Printing of Nutrition and Cancer: State-of-the-Art, provides a comprehensively referenced update of the research from 1998-2002, a Further Reading and Suggested Internet Site Guide, as well as suggested Guidelines both for Diet and Nutritional Supplements.

I shall be eternally grateful to Pat Pilkington MBE who originally commissioned me to compile the Cancer and Nutrition database for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, not realizing at the time, how enormous the task is to keep up to date with research.
Now, some ten years later, publishing research updates monthly in Positive Health, I have come to the conclusion that the research is vital, but almost as important or perhaps even more important, is the agenda of the medical profession, the government and the health service, who to date, by and large, still do not acknowledge the vast role played by nutrition in cancer treatment and still does not apply nutritional solutions to cancer treatment.

In fact, with the passage of the EU Supplement Directive in 2002, gravely restricting specific supplements and their dosages available to consumers, the fight for the right of the public to protect their health by taking nutritional supplements looms large for the foreseeable future.

Thus, I anticipate that the tasks for the next decade will have to be, in addition to performing, compiling and keeping abreast of Nutrition research, also to fight t



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